Writing to Music

It seems like one of the trends right meow now is writing to music.  Several of my favorite authors have posted playlists they listened to while writing their novel/s.  It’s such a cool idea! 

I gave it a try and this is what I found:

I AM TERRIBLE AT IT!  When I’m listening to music and trying to write, the music and the writing are battling and only one can win.  It drives me nuts!  I’ve even tried keeping it to instrumental music only.  Still a no go.  It totally takes me out of the zone.

Though I really really want to be able to write to music, I have found it isn’t for me.  I can’t say I’m overly shocked though.  I do most studying, work, reading, and academic writing in silence as well.  It doesn’t take much to derail my train of thought, so for me cutting out the music is a sad must.


This doesn’t mean that music doesn’t influence me though.  In fact, a short story that I am working on emerged solely from one of my favorite Halestorm songs (LOVE them!).  The song inspired a character that quickly became accompanied by a storyline and poof!  I was writing away!  Though the music definitely went off before I began writing!!!

What about you? 

Are you a peace and quiet type writer or do you write to music?  I’d be curious to hear what you listen to if you are a music person!  Maybe I just haven’t found the right music yet!!!


9 thoughts on “Writing to Music

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Great article, Brooke. I write to music. I either compose the music in my mind and write the poem or rhyme with an instrumental work, usually classical. The first draft is about rhyming and after that, I work on polishing. Sometimes, I can end up with three versions of the same poem. Ultimately, I want the story to be read, so writing fiction to music helps me to judge the reading speed, word volume and temper the phrasing.

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