Inspiration in Odd Places

A winter storm is in the forecast with a side of creativity!!!


One of the most inspirational things I find for my writing are thunderstorms and snow.  For some reason when either of those two events happen, I feel a strong urge to grab my pencil and paper and start writing (or sometimes drawing). 

Let me just address the obvious…. I’m not inspired to write by these things simply because it means I can’t go outside.  Because I do!!!  I LOVE playing in the snow and running in the rain (when it is warm out).


Creativity and inspiration are funny like that though.  Why do these weather events inspire me to engage in creative activities?  No idea!!!  It’s not like I’m even writing (or drawing) thunderstorm or snow scenes!  I do love both thunderstorms and snow though, so I think that is where the answer lies.

I find thunderstorms beautiful and a bit terrifying.  The calm before the storm where the air is heavy with the promise of rain.  The crazy clouds and colors as a storm front rolls in.  The loud rolls of thunder and flashes of purple light.  All of it.   

It’s the same for snow.  What would be really crazy is if I ever got to experience thunder-snow!!!


What odd/random things do you find inspiration from? 

Coffee?  Pets?  Paper?  The sky?  Ninjas?  The Loch Ness monster?  Let me know in the comments!


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