Lilly’s Snow Day

A short story I wrote after falling into a snow drift with my dog today!

The world has gone white again.  I can’t wait to go outside and play!  Oooh I can’t wait for Mom to get up!  Come on Mom, wake up, wake up. 

YES!  I think she is moving, I better lick her face just to make sure.  That does the trick!  Mom is up and moving.  I bark hello and wag my tail as fast as I can.  Mom scratches me behind the ears and I lean into her.

Okay, that’s enough.  Let’s go outside Mom!  Outside in the snow.  Come on Mom, come on!

Mom is getting dressed and I’m dancing around her in excitement.  Finally, the door is open!!! 

The cold air tickles my nose and I sneeze.  I’m glad Mom put my jacket on. 

Snow!  I leap into the yard and yelp in surprise.  The snow is as tall as me!  Maybe taller! 

Mom starts shoveling and I hurry to stand in the trail she has cleared.  Hurry Mom, hurry.  I want to explore.

The wind picks up and I close my eyes against the snow.  It’s cold. 

Mom shovels a path and I run around it!  I’ve got room to move!  Ohhh yeah!  image2 (2)

Hmm, I better mark this trail as ours just in case the neighbors get any ideas.  This is our path, Mom cleared it!

I mark the path and Mom shovels it away and hides it with fresh snow.  I huff in frustration. 

Mom walks around to the side of the house.  I can stand here.  I run around and bite the snow. 

Where’s Mom?  Wait for me!  I sprint after Mom and follow close.

Then everything is wrong.  Mom steps into the snow and sinks.  I am too close to stop and I sink too.  The snow is falling on me and I am sinking.   Mom!  Mom! 

Mom is falling.  I am falling.  I make one last effort and jump on top of Mom.  She yells in surprise, but we stop sinking.  

Save me Mom!  The snow is deep.  Too deep.

Mom props the shovel up and uses it to try to stand.  I am scared.  I don’t want to fall back into the snow.  There is too much snow.  The snow is too deep.

I yelp and fall off, but this time I don’t sink as far.  Whew.  Mom is standing again and she looks back at me.  I’m okay Mom, I’m okay! 

Mom digs a path to the backyard.  We get to the loud grumbling boxes.  I don’t like the boxes. 

Mom digs the snow away and the boxes quiet.  I wait in the cold.  Snow is all over me.  Hurry up Mom, hurry up. 

“Let’s go inside Lilly,” Mom says.

Inside?  I know inside!  I run down the path, slipping on the way.  Mom follows and we rush back inside.

Mom takes my jacket off.  I am inside, I am safe.  I jump onto Mom’s bed and lie down.  Maybe that is enough snow for today.

image1 (5)


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