Snow = Creative Fun!

In a previous post I mentioned how I always find snow inspiring!  So I thought I’d share what I did with my two snow days!

I didn’t do too much on my novel, because it is currently out with my beta readers.  I’m going to let it sit until I hear back from them.  I’ve read it can give you a fresh perspective.  I did write some more of my short story (which is quickly turning into more of a shortish novel), but I’m not ready to share that yet!!

The one piece of writing I did complete and share was a short story about falling into a snow drift with my dog.  My dog jumped onto my back and pushed me even deeper into the snow!  For a split second I was like, this is it, this is how I die… in a snow drift and from my own dog.  I lived though! (Clearly.)

Over my two snow days I did finish this drawing though!  It is of American Pharoah!  I went off of a photo reference from a news article (←click link to see original photo).


And here is the finished product:


I haven’t drawn in graphite in a while, so it was a fun project!  It certainly isn’t perfect, but for picking up the pencils for the first time in a while, I thought it came out alright!  Pictures are from my phone, so that does make some of the shading look weird.  Oh well!

During the storm I also got the strong urge to do a puzzle.  So my husband and I drove out to Barnes & Noble and picked up two (they were having a sweet deal).  We bought the ones that I liked the pictures of and didn’t really pay attention to size or difficulty…. BAD IDEA.

I started a 1000 piece puzzle that didn’t even come close to fitting on my coffee table!  I had to put all the pieces on the top of puzzle boxes and whatever mobile flat surfaces that we could find.

I’ve finally got enough of it done that it fits, however, it is also a REALLY hard puzzle!

To further complicate the puzzle situation Lilly, my dog, chewed a piece beyond recognition.  Now one piece will be missing, but I won’t know until the end which it is!






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