The Plight of a Stick.

This is my take on the writing challenge Adriana Gonzalez put forth on her blog “Cozy Corner: A Writer’s Journey.” 

Gonzalez encourages writers to take an inanimate object and essentially sell the heck out of it.  Describe it in detail, bring it to life, and “romanticize it.”  To demonstrate, Gonzales romanticizes a cup of coffee (check it out here). 

I found this challenge really intriguing and started wondering what object I wanted to devote myself to for the task.  Don’t ask me how, but I ended up deciding on a stick.

I didn’t intend to write it like a poem, but it does have a bit of that poem feel to me.  I just wrote the phrases as they came to mind then tweaked them a bit.  It also came out kind of dark.  I didn’t realize how bad I apparently feel for sticks lol!


Lost to your mother,

On a tempest’s roar.

Slowly dying on the cold ground,

While looking up at the glory of what you used to be.

The sun no longer nourishes your barren length.

Time turns you brittle.

Your past dances on the wind,

But you’re unmoving in its shadow.

Fade into your grave,

Feed the future of your mother.


I really enjoyed this challenge and encourage you to give it a try too! 


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