10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me (And Maybe Never Wanted To?!)

A few fun facts and an update about my novel!


1.       As a middle schooler people liked to call me Leo because of my resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio.  Then to top it off in music class I had to sit underneath a Leonardo DiCaprio movie poster.

2.       I didn’t have a favorite color until about 23.  Now I think it’s safe to say that it is a certain shade of purple/eggplant.  I enjoy color a lot and could never settle on just one.  Even now I’d say it does tend to change depending on the context.

3.       I used to BMX race!  I also enjoy running, horseback riding, and rock climbing.

4.       Recently I’ve developed an affinity for loose leaf tea.

5.       NERD ALERT.  I’m a nerd.  Course if you’ve ever read anything on my blog or if you know me, then this isn’t probably news, but just in case you are new….  I’m a huge nerd!  I LOVE learning (am in school for my doctorate).  I also geek out over Star Wars, LOTR, HARRY POTTER, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Halo, Mass Effect, Fire Emblem (the new one is getting delivered to my house momentarily… YAY!!!!), and ooohhh the list goes on.

6.       One of my greatest wishes is to be able to sing well.  Sadly I can’t, but let me just say that that minor detail does not stop me from singing as loud as possible in the car and shower.  Sorry I’m not sorry everyone.

7.       I can’t focus on things.  Like literally I’m supposed to be researching right now.  But what am I doing????  This.  And half way through this I made a snack.  Throughout this I’ve also contemplated running and weather, checked my Twitter multiple times, picked out all of the chocolate pieces from my Bear Crunch popcorn, wondered how the astronauts in the space station are doing, tried to decide what element I’d be a bender of if Avatar was real, wondered if I’d survive a zombie apocalypse and how, talked to my husband about Red Box options for a movie tonight, and wished for snow.

8.       I always fall for the “wrong” character in books!  Always!  Except for Rowan (From the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas).  I’m pretty sure Rowan is my literary dream husband.  (*sighs dreamily*)

9.       Being hot is literally one of my least favorite things on earth.  College consisted of thermostat wars.  Once my roommate turned the heat on to 85 and I woke out of a dead sleep swearing it was the apocalypse and that everything must be on fire. 

10.   I’m a middle-vert.  Yes, I obviously just made that up.  I’m just as happy alone on a gosh darn mountain as I am laughing my face off with my best friends.  I feel like that could be weird?


11.    I happen to enjoy cursing like a sailor.  Sometimes I’ll even curse out loud in multiple languages.  I am a big believer, however, of knowing when it is and isn’t okay to drop word bombs on everyone. 



School is back in full swing.  This means my posts will sadly be reduced to once a week.  I do have good news though…. I just saved a bunch of money by switching to…. SIKE!  Okay seriously though…

The good news is that I just received the feedback from my first beta reader!  I should also be potentially hearing from another beta reader early next week.  This means I’ll have a fun post or two coming with some of their feedback and potentially editing.  I’m trying to figure out what my editing plan is going to be at the moment!




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