Character Origins

The characters in my novel were inspired by a variety of things!

Main Character:  She originated from my daydreams.  She did begin as a much cooler and badass version of myself.  As I continued writing her though, she became different than me in many ways.

Main Character’s Love Interest:  In books if there is a love triangle or multiple love interests, I tend to pick the “wrong” guy.  A.K.A. the one the main character never ends up with.  This character was originally written in honor of that.  Finally I could have the main character end up with the person of my choosing!

image1 (9)

Villain:  Ugh.  My villain creeps me out.  He originates from an awful experience I had with a teacher.  This person would probably relish the fact that I’ve forever captured their awfulness in my villain.  To write this character I asked myself what would it look like if you gave someone like that more power?  What would that person do with it?  How would they handle it?  And so began the birth of my villain.

Another Key Character:  I created this character based off of two people I met.  One was a person totally ruled by emotion and the other was someone that was terribly concerned about wanting others to like them.  This character makes some bad decisions due to these traits.  And yet the character is charismatic and has his heart in the right place, well he does some of the time at least. Writing this character was a way to explore what it would be like to live these traits.

This has been a very tough character to write due to the complexity of this combo of traits.  Too much focus on any one trait and they are either totally unlikeable or too likeable.  I want to write a rich and complex character.

Some Bad Ladies:  These two bad ladies were inspired by spotted hyenas.  Female spotted hyenas pretty much rule the males.  They run the pack and are amazing hunters.

image1 (8)

I tried (key word here is tried) to draw a quick sketch of a spotted hyena…. they are tricky!


What inspired your characters?  Let me know in the comments!


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