Spring Blossoms

Pictures of a recent DC trip,  spring flowers, and what I’m currently reading! 


Hi everyone, sorry I didn’t make my usual post last week.  I had a funeral and a crazy week at school.  This week will return to regular programming though!

Until then, here is what I’m currently reading, some cherry blossom photos, and my latest colored pencil sketch!

Currently Reading:

image2 (5)

This book has been great so far!  Very creepy photos which adds to the eerie mystery feel!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Trip to D.C.:

image4 (1)image3 (1)image2 (6)image1 (12)


Magnolia Blossoms:

image4 (4)image3 (4)

image5 (2)

My last attempt with colored pencil.  It isn’t a real stunner, but I was concerned with experimenting with the medium more than anything else.  I think I’m getting a better idea of how to work with them for future projects!


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