What I’m…

What I’m reading:

                Mostly academic articles, BUT…. A Court of Mist and Fury comes out on Tuesday and I plan on pretty much reading straight through the night.  I love Sarah J. Maas’ books!!!  Life goal:  be able to write badass female main characters as well as Maas can… oooo and sexy men (I’m looking at you Rowan)… yupp, that sounds like an awesome goal to me.


What I’m listening to:

                Well I’m still listening to Ruth B.’s song “Lost Boy” on repeat, obviously.  Did I ever mention I had a major crush on Peter Pan?  Because I did and it was pretty serious.  Kid me used to leave Peter Pan love notes the way normal kids leave teeth for tooth fairies or letters for Santa.  Me on the other hand, well I was constantly testing out if I could fly and waiting for Peter Pan to come take me to Neverland. 

                I’ve also been listening to Wild Belle and her new album Dreamland. 

What I’m doing:

                Finals weeks.  Notice the “s.”  Yupp, in grad school finals is never perfectly aligned in one nice stressful week like in undergrad.  Instead it is anywhere from 2-3 weeks long depending on the semester.  Why?  Because of grading, my own final exams, research deadlines, paper deadlines, and work.  They like to collide like those two storms in the movie Perfect Storm and then wreak havoc in my life.  SO yeah on that happy note… 

sarahmaes  coffee finals caffeine art school

What I’m thinking of doing:

                I’m thinking of joining a writing club near me this summer.  I’m thinking it would be fun to find a critique partner.  Which, now that I’m saying that, sounds like a weird thing to say… sort of like hmm today I think I’ll find a best friend.  Yeah, so that awkwardness aside I really want a critique partner friend that is a writer as well.  I want someone to bounce ideas off of and to be able to swap in progress scenes and chapters.  It just sounds like it would be awesome!  So I’m thinking I might try out a writing club and see if I can’t make some writing buddies!  Yeah, I’m a nerd, I know.

What I miss:

                Cupcakes.  I had some on my four year wedding anniversary and now I miss them.

food chocolate cupcake cupcakes

What I’m procrastinating:

                Running, but seriously it is happening.  I am going running this evening.  I didn’t get to go yesterday because I had a migraine that refused to go away.  Which, if anyone else gets migraines, you know what that means…. I was in bed all day hiding under a pillow, moving as little as possible, totally ready for death to take me, and forcing myself into what I like to call “recovery sleep,” which is what I do anytime I feel sick.  Luckily I didn’t throw up.  Those are the worst.  Too much info?  Yeah, probably, but I mean this is my life in finals weekS.


Well I’ve got to go do some writing for school now.  Until next week!!!!




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