15 Minute Free Write

I’ve been seeing a lot of free writing challenges, so I gave it a try!


“Can I get a number?”

Zira turns and studies the pale man in the dingy bar light.  He looks a bit nervous under her critical gaze, but he holds it and tries again, “Can I get a number?”

Zira smirks and catches the bartender’s eye and holds up five fingers.

“Sure, you can get a number.”

The barman sets down five shots in front of Zira.  She tosses him a bill that he pockets quickly before clearing off.  Zira turns back to the now paler man, and holds up the first of her five shots.

“Five, the number of times I’ve been kicked out of this bar,” Zira downs the shot and quickly picks up the next. 

“Four, the number of weapons I’m carrying on me.” 

Another shot down.

“Three, the number of men I’ve killed at this very bar… well, if you can call them men.” 

At this the man is backing up, finally catching on that the woman he tried to glamor is not a human.  Zira casually picks up her last two shots and takes a step forward after the man.

“Two, the number of seconds you have til I kick your ass.”

The man turns and starts running.

“One, the number of seconds you have til I kill your ass.”

Last shot down.

“Zero, the chance you have of out running me vampire,” Zira snarls and lets her wolf loose.



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