What My Desk Says About Me…

A workspace can tell you a lot about a person.  Here is a picture of my workspace and what it says about me!  (I’ve also included a cute picture of Lilly, my dog!)

image1 (21)

  1. That I cleaned my desk, because well you can see the wood again.
  2. I like colored pencils and art.  (The Vaseline is for softening the lead of colored pencils).
  3. The caulk is there because I need to finish caulking our bathroom and it sits there reminding me.
  4. I’m bad at grammar so I’m working on improving that.  Enter the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (I highly recommend it!).
  5. I like candy (see the little pack of gobstoppers?).
  6. PUPPYCAT and Snoopy!
  7. I used to collect Breyer horses and keep them now as drawing models.  Plus most of them were gifts from family.  I’m a bit sentimental towards them.
  8. Clearly I’m behind on editing.  Look at the tiny pile on the left and the massive pile on the right… yeah, I’m behind.  Thank you sickness.
  9. I wrote the alphabet out to help speed things along when trying to alphabetize my references etc.  However, if you look really close, you can see I forgot a letter and had to pencil it in… go me lol.


And just in case you haven’t gotten your dosage of cute for the day…

image2 (12)

This is what happens when you are sick and therefore behind on laundry… Your dog makes a fort.


One thought on “What My Desk Says About Me…

  1. Júlio (Ebrael) says:

    This yours remembers my own desktop on office: colored paper sticks from North to South to remind me of those tasks I’d prefer to forget. Lol. But, really, I think you’re happy for being so busy, plenty of duties. The job does more than just honouring us; it keep us free from mental illnesses.

    Keep on! Hugs, Brooke! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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