Sketchbook Journaling

My experience sketchbook journaling and some tips when starting your own!

I first decided I wanted to try sketchbook journaling after reading the book Cathy’s Ring: If Found Please Call 650-266-8263, which is a novel written as a journal that is chock full of sketches!  As someone that enjoys both writing and drawing I had to ask myself why I wasn’t already doing this!

So for over a year I kept a journal sketchbook.  I didn’t do it every day, but anytime there was a memory I wanted to keep I’d find a way to represent it through a sketch. 

Not every sketch was perfect, but it didn’t matter.  There was something therapeutic about having to find a way to put emotions or events into a drawing to sum it up!

If you are trying to get back into drawing or if you are looking to get those creative juices flowing, then I highly recommend giving this a try!  Years later, I still love looking back at my sketchbook journal.  I remember why I sketched every drawing and what it meant to me at the time.  I’ve found that it is a rich way of being able to capture a memory or vent a feeling!

Some tips if you want to do your own sketchbook journal:

1.        Get a quality sketchbook.  If you don’t it just detracts from the experience.  I just bought a new sketchbook and didn’t realize how terribly thin the paper was and I’ve given up on it.  It’s worth it to pay the extra so that the experience is enjoyable and so that your journal lasts!

2.       Don’t get hung up on making drawings and sketches perfect.  Part of the fun is the messy nature of it!  Let it be a stress free experience!

3.       Don’t forget to write the date on your sketches.  Sometimes I write a brief phrase too.

 * * *

Life Update:

I’m editing my novel again now that I’m mostly recovered from being sick.  I’m on some antibiotic that can, to quote my doctor, “rupture your joints.”  So no rock climbing til it is out of my system… annoying!  But hey I’m no longer in a feverish daze, so I mean I gotta take what I can get!

I started a new drawing of my parents’ dog Remi. I’ve learned I HATE drawing white fur!!!!!  It’s so tricky.  I’m also totally nervous to attempt the water on this thing, but I’m going for it!!!  Each time I tackle a new drawing I learn more about how to use my Polychromos.  I’m really enjoying this medium!!! 


6 thoughts on “Sketchbook Journaling

  1. Cameron D Hamilton says:

    I’ve always had envy for people who can draw. I have no talent for it. Writing comes naturally to me but drawing doesn’t work. This is great advice for getting back in but I’ll stick to other creative thing and leave sketching to those who love it. Oh btw love the zombie chipmunk!!

    Liked by 1 person

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