A Poem of Mist and Fury

This poem is inspired by the wonderfully written “A Court of Mist and Fury,” by Sarah J. Maas.

Tears of starlight weep from the sun.

A daughter of the forest and wind.

Deeds that cannot be undone,

Wretchedly tore her from her kin.


Nightmares haunt her in the dying light.

The daughter of no one and nothing.

Stars of diamond and pearl shine in the night,

A hope for dreamers left hunting.


Hardship, trials, and shadow forged her anew.

A warrior unsure of her next battle.

Finally facing that which was true,

She could make the kingdoms rattle.


In the tranquil twilight she found love.

This warrior of wolves and starlight.

The stars listened to her from above,

Answering dreams whispered to the night.


She could be master of everything.

A dreamer who dared.

She and her bonded take wing,

Darkness and starlight masterfully paired.


With my comprehensive exams on the near horizon, I’ve been stressed.  One of my favorite ways of releasing stress is reading (for enjoyment) late at night.  After finishing rereading this book, I was feeling rather inspired and penned this poem!

My exams are this September, so my posting might continue to be a bit more sporadic until I make it through these tests!  I promise I’ll continue to post, but it just might not be every Saturday on the dot like it used to be!

In the event that you are curious (perhaps not likely, but hey, it could happen!) comprehensive exams are written, in-camera, essay exams that will determine if I can continue in my doctorate education.

They involve two 4 hour written exams where you have to answer around 4 questions in each exam that cover all of the material you’ve learned in the past two years in addition to using that material to support your own position.  Did I mention that this is all from memory?


There is also a third exam that involves 4 take home questions that I’m currently working on over the summer.  This third exam isn’t from memory like the first two, but that just means it needs to be that much better!

After the three exams you then have to orally defend your responses to a committee of experts that basically challenge you on everything you wrote.

Folks, this test is like Feyre fighting off the Middengard Wyrm in “A Court of Thorns and Roses.”  The test is just barreling towards me!  I’ve got my strategy though and I’m feeling confident (silently chants “I am Brooke Fowler and I will not be afraid!” LOL…. “Throne of Glass” fans, that one was for you!).




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