About Me


I’m an aspiring novelist and a doctoral student.  This blog will chronicle my journey as I attempt to get my manuscript published and work towards my doctorate!

I also have an amazing husband and a really cute dog named Lilly that I adore!

IMG_0823    IMG_1534

* I post about once a week when school is in session.  In the summer I’ll post more frequently!


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Joseph Woodring says:


    I’ve been trying to track down information on Mrs. Pinkerton since about 1980. One day In my Penn State college class on Death and Dying, a girl in the front row told a story of Mrs. Pinkerton the ghost living in her house. Mrs. Pinkerton would frequently make herself known to the residents by pushing a magazine off a coffee table, waving her arms so others would be distracted, and she would open a set of sliding doors in the home. She would make herself visible in February each year….your story has to be the same ghost…and I’m wondering if and how you are related to the girl who told the story in my college class so long ago.

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    • Brooke M. Fowler says:

      Hi Joseph! I apologize for the delay in my response, I’ve been taking my comprehensive exams for my doctoral program. I’ve only just finished and returned to my blog. I think the girl you are referring to is my Mom. Do you remember her name by any chance? I’m going to ask her tonight if she took this class and if she remembers your name. Small world!!!


    • Brooke M. Fowler says:

      I asked and she actually doesn’t think that was her! Several families have lived in the house though, so perhaps the girl was from one of those! (Or my Mom just doesn’t remember lol!) My family did have encounters with Mrs. Pinkerton year round and not just in February. She only made herself visible once to my Grandma and my Mom did see her arm once. Not sure if that helps at all!


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